Christmas Home Tour

So, if your here there’s a good chance your coming from Bree’s blog post. Let’s take a moment to let all that goodness from The Home Making Mama ‘s home tour sink in. Isn’t she so talented!? #swoon

Or if you happened to happen upon my post, welcome, welcome to all! Here you will find my mini home tour for Christmas 2016 and links to 11 other amazing bloggers’ home tours as well.

This season truly is the most wonderful season of all. No matter what decor style you decorate with, Christmas decor is just jolly. It can’t be wrong. It’s festive and fun, bright and beautiful and no matter what decor style it is, it just makes you feel jolly!

Let me tell you a bit about my holiday decor style before we get started. My home is very rustic, not only because I decorate that way but because its ceilings are exposed beams and old wood floors. You can read more about the history of the structure here. Since this is the nature of my home, my Christmas decor feeds off of that. It’s woodsy but it’s still cheerful, as I said, I think all Christmas decor is!

Let’s step up onto the front porch…


We can’t have Santa miss our house, not when two good-ish little boys live here and are anticipating his arrival. So, when I seen this sign at Home Goods, I knew it had to go right by the front door. You know what my four year old asked? “Mom, shouldn’t we put it on the roof?” Oh, the things I come up with to answer his questions…

Beyond Santa’s welcoming sign and my awesome $30.00 flocked tree from Walmart you will find a few of my favorite things.



My chippy white chairs, one adorned with a red throw. A vintage sled, which reminds me of the movie, “A Christmas Story” both classic, tried and true. My old door pane equipped with a little wreath, and at the bottom are some Santa sacks. My mom uses these to bring over my kids gifts each year and I just continue to save and decorate with them. They are great for places like this or at the bottom of my fireplace. Last but not least, my old shutter with the galvanized “believe” sign, cardinal, some greenery shaped like a tree and lights! Isn’t it wonderful! I definitely paid too much for it, I bought it 3 years ago at a local nursery. Doesn’t that make the over priced price tag worth it!? Three years old, still my favorite and still going strong! I’m not mad about it anymore. Enough of my yappin’ come on inside….


Once inside you will be greeted by my little entryway…well let’s be realistic, I don’t have an entry way at all. You walk into my living room. No worries though, I make do with what I got.



The coat rack and cubbies are a DIY project we did right before we moved in. It used to be a closet, with really ugly sliding doors. Out they came, and we inserted some paneling. The cubbies were made and installed and the bench at the bottom actually lifts up. I can hide all types of ugly in there. Whenever I’m having company over, coats, book bags, shoes, toys, you name it, if it’s not pretty it gets thrown inside! On top of my console table is a wire basket with gold tipped garland shoved inside, an ornament and a vintage table leg. The Mason Jars are a DIY, you can find out how I made them here.

Next, you would look up into our great room and see a Christmas tree…but I don’t have one yet. I know, this is bad. Last year, I was in Hobby Lobby when I overheard two ladies chatting. One of the ladies’ comment was, “she said she wanted to keep her Christmas decor simple this year, so she threw a wreath on the window.” The other woman laughs, and she continues, “she’s a blogger, she can’t do that and blog about it, their wasn’t any inspiration.” Well, at the time I was considering starting this blog so it stuck with me. Now, a year later I’m writing a Christmas post and I don’t even have a Christmas tree. I keep thinking about what this lady would say to me about my Mini Christmas Home Tour with out a Christmas Tree. Does the fact I threw the word Mini in front of Home Tour excuse me!? Haha! I promise, I will do a full post all about my Christmas Tree. So please, keep checking back, it will be up soon!

So, my forever long and unsymmetrical mantel is up next. Here’s how it looks this year…




I had this vision of a Christmas Tree Farm but less garland, more trees. Since October I was buying mini Christmas Trees whenever I seen one. When I went to execute it, it just didn’t work out right. I was bummed because the vision in my head was so pretty. It had mountains and all! Haha, the things we can dream up! My mom gave me the idea to put the little tags on the trees, I think it added the perfect little touch, she comes over and tells me to take them down because they look ugly. Isn’t that funny, but they’re staying. I think they’re cute!

To the left of my fire place is another little console table. This table really is just a space filler so I can get heavier with the decorating. I got a little creative in filling this space, and I did it by shopping my house.






The white cubicle I actually use in my craft room. I keep all of my sticky notes, craft scissors and extra glue in it. Currently, all of that is thrown in a bowl. When I started decorating for Christmas this year, I was shopping my house for something with height for this area. Behind this table are stairs leading down to the basement, so I like to cover it a bit in every season I decorate for. I like how this idea turned out. It has the height I wanted, and it was fun to create a scene. I stuffed the cubbies with some faux greenery, berries and pine cones. The reindeer are ornaments that  I clipped the string off of. On top of the cubby is an old book covered in red plaid. I bought this at a local craft fair and I just love it. They tied it with string dressed up in some greenery, a wood candy cane and the little weathered paper that reads “peace”.

This year I was in the market for some new pillows. I found some great covers on Etsy, the store is called Returning Grace. I purchased pillow covers that were the same size as the ones I already had to save some money. christmas-living-room

I think the reindeer feed sack look was a perfect fit for my home. Once the season is over I can zip them off, and tuck them away until next year. I went into more detail about these pillows and a few others over here on this post.

My house is an open lay out, here is a look from the living room to the kitchen.


Need some coffee, or tea? Let’s walk over to my coffee bar and re energize. I didn’t realize I would be talking this much…



Above is what my coffee bar currently looks like. I mean, I need the coffee pot for coffee so it’s crucial that ugly beast be present. I do like to play around though, so here’s a little winter scene I did with my coffee bar.


Hi, my name is Caitlin and I’m addicted to Rae Dunn. I drive myself crazy, I only recently started collecting these mugs but ggaaahhh they’re so cute and I just can’t stop! Below are the Christmas ones I have found so far…


I call this next area my dining room, but it’s really my kitchen table. I don’t have a formal dining room. When I put this “Merry Christmas” banner up my kids jumped like their birthday party was starting in 10 minutes, haha! Banners are a fun way to decorate, especially for kids.


Next to my table is my old but well loved hutch. The top part is really just old and chippy, the shelves inside are worn and aged down. When I found this cabinet I just about fell over. I knew I wanted it to be my hutch, but it was short. The store that had the cabinet was actually able to make the bottom to raise it, and they did a pretty darn good job. Bet you would have never known if I didn’t tell you.


I made a bird house village on top of the hutch this year. I actually played around with it a lot, and I finally settled on this. For me, working with the blue paint on the hutch can be a little difficult. The greenery and wood birdhouses are neutral so I liked the way it all looked together.

Here’s a view of the whole room.


Ok friends, we are almost at the end, next…the kitchen! I don’t do much in the kitchen because I really don’t like to have a lot of stuff on my counters unless I use it all the time. So, a wreath in the window, some snow flakes hanging from above and an elf of course!


Here is a close up of the tiered tray that was on my kitchen table.


The “Peace” sign is from The Banner Girls on Etsy. They make a lot of little farmhouse style goodies. One last thing I want to show you before I direct you to the next blogger are my open shelves in my laundry room. I decorate my laundry room because I host Christmas Eve and I use my laundry room as the bar area. It always works out really well. Anyway, here they are…


My metal sign is from the sweetest lady ever, Jaime at Vintage Metal Co  which is also on Etsy.

Well, I sure hope you all enjoyed my Christmas home tour. Here is the post on my Christmas Tree! I want to send you over to my friend Christin at The Auburn Fox she has such sweet charm in her decor. Below you will see links to the rest of the bloggers in our Homes for the Holidays Tour Hop.


Happy and Merry friends!

xo – K





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  • Cindy Harvey
    Posted December 11, 2016 1:39 pm 0Likes

    Oh I adore your cabin! Awesome photography too! You should prolly come decorate my house now.

  • Taylor
    Posted December 12, 2016 10:41 am 0Likes

    Your Porch girl. It is amazing. Your home tour was truly inspirational. So glad we got to blog hop together.

    • Marlien
      Posted December 27, 2016 10:50 am 0Likes

      Thanks for writing this. I really feel as though I know so much more about this than I did before. Your blog really brought some things to light that I never would have thought about before reading it. You should coniunte this, Im sure most people would agree youve got a gift.

  • Jen @ Noting Grace
    Posted December 12, 2016 5:18 pm 0Likes

    I’m SERIOUSLY swooning over your home! I love the sign on your mantel! And I say tree or no tree – it’s still a stunner!

    So honored to be a part of this tour with you!

  • Kelly
    Posted December 13, 2016 12:25 am 0Likes

    Wow I just love the cozy cabin feel of your home! It’s like it was meant to be Christmas in there year round! Now I can;t wait to see your tree:) So beautiful my friend!

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